Louise Eddy: A Storyteller



Following many years spent working in the newspaper industry I have just started my own freelance writing business. It is a breathtaking step for me, and one that I hope will give me greater opportunities to do the things I love.

While I specialise in travel writing and photography, including magazine articles and blog posts similar to the ones in this blog, I am thrilled to now have the chance (and the time) to assist businesses in getting people excited about the wonderful products and services they are offering. This can be through the use of social, digital and print media, press releases or advertising copy.

In addition to copywriting, I also provide editing, media consultancy, travel and candid photography classes and community workshops. I also record stories.

Perhaps you would like a story written to commemorate an anniversary, wedding, significant birthday or retirement – something that could be presented or read aloud on a special occasion. Maybe you would like to tell your story for future generations, or find the right words to meaningfully celebrate a precious life that has been lost to the world – or welcome a new life into it.

Being a born storyteller I love crafting tales that inspire, motivate, inform, enlighten and entertain. I hope I can do that for you. After all, whether it is personal, or business, everyone has a story inside of them waiting to be told.

Because I work remotely it doesn’t matter where you live. If you need any kind of writing jobs done, no matter how small, I would love to hear from you.

 Louise Eddy



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