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Louise Eddy:   Aspiring Author . Travel Writer . Storyteller . Photographer 

To The Far Corners is a place for anyone who wants to reach out and touch the soul of this amazing world we live in.

It is about taking chances, travelling with an open heart, and finding joy in simple things.

My name is Louise Eddy and I want to take you on a great adventure. You see, I am a storyteller.

All my life I have used words and photographs to spin tales of adventure, magic, sorrow, beauty, and triumph of the human spirit. I would love you to come on this journey with me.

Maybe you are hopelessly, totally, head over heels in love with travelling already, or perhaps you have always dreamed of travelling, but are yet to find the means or the opportunity. Maybe you are a little nervous about striking out alone because your friends are too busy with their own lives, or have other priorities. You might need a touch of inspiration, or perhaps a bit of encouragement to take that first step.

Let me tell you a little secret – if I can do it, so can you.

I am making this journey with you because I want you to experience the joy and wonder of travelling. You find your heart expanding so that it takes in everyone and everything around you. Even the way you feel about yourself will change – you will discover your are stronger, kinder, more resourceful and far braver than you ever imagined ….. well at least that’s what two decades of travel to some of the most extraordinary places on the planet has done for me.

Your journey might be different – and that’s the exhilarating wonder of it all – you never know how things will play out. You might finally make it to somewhere you have dreamed of going your whole life, and it leaves you cold, or you might sigh as you find yourself driven by circumstances to a dot on the map you have no interest whatsoever in exploring, only to understand immediately upon arrival that you have found ‘your place’.

My inspiration for starting this blog came through my Aunt Jenny who, in her 60s, sold her house and took to the road in her cheerful little car ‘Daisy’. She travelled the length and breadth of Australia blogging as she went. Through her writing I was with her on that journey every step of the way. I laughed with her, cried with her, shared in her mistakes and celebrated her triumphs. It was a most excellent adventure.

I hope through following my blog you might make new friends to share the journey with, and in doing so become a real community of like-minded people sharing information, inspiring each other, offering support and encouragement, and, best of all, telling your own stories.

So pull on a good pair of walking shoes, grab a camera or journal, and start exploring. You don’t even need to travel To The Far Corners of the world – start where you live. I bet there are endless things to see, taste, smell and experience.

In the meantime I would love you to follow To the Far Corners by hitting the follow button in the black bar at the top of this page – or by selecting the one just below the search bar on the right hand side.

I would love you to visit my website where you can see other things I have written, along with my photographic portfolio. You can also find me on Facebook at (choose like to receive updates). And to see the things I most love in this world go to my Pinterest boards at

I really look forward to travelling with you and hearing about your adventures. Lou



  1. Maggie Beck

    Thanks so much for your follow of my blog, Tide Line Still Life. I hope my photos continue to delight you. Best, Maggie

    • Thank you Maggie – they are wonderful. I hope you get as much pleasure from rummaging through the photos on my blog.

  2. Trena England

    Louise: I love your storytelling and the beautiful photos you take while on your adventures! I look forward to traveling with you, variously.
    Looking forward to seeing your posts!

  3. Go for it Louise. It will be fun to follow your adventures.

    • Thank you Mary – I feel honoured to have such a successful author following me.

  4. Coral earney

    You have such a wonderful way of writing to inspire us.

    • Thanks Coral – I love it that you are on board.

  5. Trena England

    While you were in Turkey, did you visit Derinkuyu?

    • Yes I did Trena. It was amazing. To explore those underground complexes and reflect on whether you would have had the strength to spend a lifetime in the dark was a fascinating exercise. I don’t think I could have done it. By the way Cappadocia turned out to be one of my favourite places in Turkey. I did not expect that.

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