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POSTCARD from BALI: March 2003

In my head I carry an illuminated flip book of rich and beautiful moments. Some are of sounds – like the first time I heard the call to prayer echoing all around me in Istanbul’s dawn light; tastes – popping a sweet plump date in my mouth along with a sip of bitter black coffee …

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Moules Marinière

In a little cafe in Nice I enjoyed a huge pot of moules marinière with frites. The mussels were cooked in white wine and garlic, and the fries were crisp and golden. I savoured every spoonful of the fragrant broth and each mussel nestled within it. This was my favourite lunch since arriving in France. It …

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Eating well in Burgundy: Dijon, France

ENTRE: Oefs poches a la dijonnaise (Poached Eggs a la Dijonnaise) This dish was to die for.

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